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Wedding Photography in Virginia

I don't tend to sell myself as a wedding photographer. But with each request I get I'm beginning to realize how much I enjoy participating in such an important day for the couple and their families while capturing some amazing photos throughout the day.

Now, don't get me wrong... it's stressful and a lot of work. There's a lot of pressure on the photographer to equally document the day's events while also capturing photos that are timeless and memorable. I was recently put to the test by my niece as she asked that I cover the photography for her wedding. She has always been an amazing advocate for my work over the years and I was touched when she told me she I was the only one she envisioned photographing her wedding day.

They picked the historical Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach as their wedding venue and as a photographer I was thrilled. The hotel is riddled with beautiful nooks and spots that are perfect for capturing some truly memorable and amazing wedding photos. So, the pressure was on!

Growing up, my niece was always a very creative and caring young girl; always finding new ways to create her self-identity while always being incredibly thoughtful of those around her. To see her in her wedding dress was a truly heartwarming experience. She is no longer that little girl, but a mature young woman with her entire future ahead of her.

Though I didn't know her soon-to-be husband well, I knew he was a an equally smart and caring individual who clearly showed his dedication and love for her. She had found a good one, and photographing them together throughout the day was a very rewarding experience for me.

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