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Seeking Meaning in Photography

I've been involved in some form or another of photography for the past twenty years, but there was something missing. I've been fortunate to travel to some amazing places, meet some amazing people, and work my full-time job in which I serve as a program manager for a very talented group of forensic photographers. Don't get me wrong, I love my personal landscape and portrait photography ventures, and certainly find great reward in working with the professional group that I do. But there was still an ingredient missing in my photography. Something with real grit and palpable meaning.

So I decided to do something about it. I'm very excited (and proud) to announce the launch of my newest venture, photo bono! Yes, it's a little bit of a play on words, but I like it. So what is it? Well, it's a collaboration of photographers across the country offering pro bono photography session to people who have experienced life-changing events, hardships, loss, or even successes in the face of significant challenges. The key is they need to have a compelling story, one that demonstrates, persistence, perseverance, and heart.. One that us as photographers can connect with and contribute to with meaningful and impactful photographs to help tell their visual story.

The more photographers that sign up, the more people we can support in their submissions to the photo bono site. Having depth in our roster of volunteer photographers will facilitate our ability to accommodate any client's request, regardless of where they live. Although I initially conceptualized this to fill my own personal need to give back, I quickly realized how it could become a movement of many.

So if you're a photographer and are ready to add an aspect of true meaning to your photography, go to the all-new photo bono website and sign up!

If you know someone who has experienced a life-changing event and is deserving of a no-cost photo session from one of the many photo bono photographers, please reach out via our submission form on the website and tell us the story!

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