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Finding Inspiration

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

We all find inspiration through different life experiences in and around our lives. I found my passion for photography through my oldest son.

As a young boy, my oldest son struggled through a number of years where both focus and attention were elusive and social interactions were often anxious and tense. He'd been diagnosed with ADHD in Kindergarten and struggled through the next few years to find himself. Then, one day he and my wife were out shopping and on a whim, she bought him a DSLR camera (something he had been asking about for some time). He was excited, and immediately took to it! Over the next year not only did he become extremely talented with his photography, but he was finding himself through his new creative process.

As he initially took to the camera, I seized the opportunity to join him and bought my own - thinking this would be something he and I could spend time doing together. I had baseball as my connection with my younger son, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to connect with my older one.

Now, years later, he's developed into a bright, focused young man in college, studying to be a cinematographer and no longer held back with focus and social anxietieis. He's become a very self confident and endearing adult who seeks out social settings and seemingly thrives in them. People are now drawn to his humble confidence and self-awareness. Who knew a camera would have provided a channel for him to discover himself the way it did for him!?

Today, when time permits and he's back home from school, we venture out in search of places and people to photograph as a passion and pastime we both enjoy. His photographic style is very different from mine, but equally - if not more - unique and creative.

His passion turned into mine, and I'm incredibly thankful for that.

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