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Light, locations, peers, and a perpetual drive to learn more has carried me through two decades of my self-taught photography journey. One which has now landed me in a career in which I am honored to work with and support over 60 photographers across the country.

Time has taught me that light is the true key to a successful photograph, regardless of your subject. Light can add depth, dimension, and contrast to what might otherwise be a mundane subject. Understanding how to use light to add these elements to a photograph is a continual challenge and one I'm constantly pursuing.


I've been fortunate to have photographed some amazing places, people, products and more along my journey. Although I personally default to travel and landscape photography, I'm constantly looking for new photographic challenges or endeavors. Whether outside or in a studio, I'm always seeking new ways to practice and develop my skills in the art of lighting and photography.


The National Park Foundation

I've also had a long-standing passion for the great outdoors. Climbing, mountaineering, competitive biking and backpacking have been just a few of the outdoor activities I've been fortunate enough to take part in over the years. Preserving and caring for our amazing natural environment, our national and state parks, and other fragile environments for future generations to enjoy is important to me, and is critical to their preservation. With that said, I donate 10% of my photography revenue to the National Park Foundation as a way to give back and help support the care for the great outdoors.

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