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It's all about capturing the moments. 

Why work with a professional photographer? It's about having an understanding of composition, knowing how to plan and shoot at the peak of the best light, and having an expert to work with you to set up the shot for the best results possible. Let's be honest, a cell phone pic only goes so far.

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About Me

I've been a professional photographer for over two decades photographing events, people, products, families, amazing locations and more. I'm also a massive outdoor enthusiast and donate a portion of my fees to the National Park Foundation.

Photography Services


Solo Portraits

We all grow and change with time. Gift yourself or a loved one with a solo portrait session.


Couples Portraits

Create lasting memories of your special occasions with the one you love through unique photographs.


Family Portraits

Document the growth and development of your family through the years with periodic photos. 

Location Photography
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Okay... so I have an addiction to photography! I admit it. Aside from portrait work, I also love to find time for myself and get out early in the morning for sunrise or late in the day for sunset; capturing some amazing locations in unique ways. There's a certain peace and tranquility when you have locations like these all to yourself.

Client Testimonials

Eric V.

We were so impressed with the quality of the pictures taken. Steve did an amazing job! He did all the homework prior the event to assure that the photos had proper lighting, the right angle and location. He also did a photo shoot with us prior the event, so we could get a feel for his style. He was 100% invested!

Alex C.

Steve is, first and foremost, an excellent photographer! He truly understands how to get the best from outdoor settings; making photos look natural and spontaneous and we were delighted with the results he provided us. We will use Steve’s services again and would recommend him to anyone.

Samantha D.

Steve did our engagement photos and we were so very pleased! He took the time to ensure we were getting exactly what we wanted and was very personable and helpful throughout the entire process. He was very timely in getting us the final results and we couldn't have been happier. Highly recommend!!

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